Posted by: King Bee | July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!



  1. Where are you guys?? Oh my god…you guys TOTALLY kill me! Margaritas!! I so have to come and visit you guys! I feel like I am totally missing out here!! California rocks!! Love it! Hope you guys had today off after all of that!! Ok don’t even get me started on gay marriage…I don’t think this country plays fair at all. I think if 2 people are in love they should have the right to get married. (unless you live in a trailer and watch Jerry Springer!) All of these Republicans say they are the religious…you are right….if Jesus was walking the earth today he would have everyone living in harmony…not HATE like our Grand Wizard president wants us to do. Horrendous. Hopefully things will change soon. Love you guys! Keep the videos coming!

  2. I love this blog!!! Briana is such a cutie!!!! It looks like you guys had fun; I’m so jealous!! Keep these blogs coming!!!! Miss you!!


  3. I love these blogs! You have the neatest and cutest friends Bob. And you got to have a warm day at the beach on the 4th. I was stuck indoors with a rainy 4th. Can’t wait to get to LA for some fun in the sun!!

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