Posted by: King Bee | July 5, 2007

Don’t trip potato chip

It’s finally here. Big Brother 8. Summer has finally begun!



  1. I’ve never watched Big Brother. Guess I should check it out. Thanks for introducing everyone. Other than you and Andrew we who read or watch your blogs may not know who’s with you. 😛

  2. i don’t watch the show. i don’t even know why i pay for cable actually. 😉

    love the videos though!

  3. you have big brother parties?! that is funny. almost as funny as the conspiracy theory behind that guys large nipples 😉

    I like that you have such good friends and that you always have a smile on your face

  4. I don’t think I have ever watched that show either….I love that you have all of your friends over all the time!! I live far away from ALL of my friends. Love your vids…keep em comin!

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