Posted by: King Bee | July 6, 2007


My friend Paddy loves this man. After watching this video, I too can say I love him. After watching this video, I wanted to leap from my chair and applaud him, alone in my living room. I want to applaud him for so articulately saying what has needed to be said for so long. But I can’t stand and applaud him. My body sits here numb. His words still echoing. The truth still lingering of the mess we are in. I urge you to watch the entire video. And I urge you to comment.



  1. Wow! This guy IS great. I voted for Ralph Nader because Dubya makes me feel like I want to wash. He and Cheney have managed to single-handedly FIST this country with no foreplay or K-Y jelly. But if you like this video, you should all go to It will change the way you view this administration. In fact, after viewing the documentary, some of you may even be without a country. It’s a sad state of affairs and let me just say that November 2008 CAN’T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!

  2. Since when would Jr. do the “right” thing, I’m with John Wayne but there are limits!

  3. We went to a party the other day and my mom’s conservative friend was talking about what great golfers Sr and Jr dubbya are…so my mom piped up..”they should have stuck with that!!” Yeah mom!!


  5. I just watched The U.S. vs John Lennon last night. And I was appalled by the beautiful irony of Richard Nixon, on the steps of the helicopter, leaving the White House in disgrace, flashing a double peace sign, after he salutes us goodbye. That SOB told us he would get us out of the war with a “secret plan”, but he almost doubled the American casualties for the whole thing. Sound familiar? Rather than “peace”, I think he meant double “victory”. He had fucked us as long as he could, and he still got to live his cushy life with the President’s pension, forever. What did he care? Well, Bushy gets to leave office, with a President’s pension too; not to mention all his oil interests that have shot through the roof, and will keep paying dividends to him and his drunk daughters forever. Hooray for the USA!

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