Posted by: King Bee | July 18, 2007

All you need is love… argh.



  1. Well I’m glad you are ok. It must have been the late hour. I hope your run was good. That is one thing I’ll never be able to do. And I like you just the way you are, ummm’s and arrrr’s and all. 馃槢

  2. I didn’t see the comment Bob. It’s a good thing I didn’t. What I usually say about people who are ‘small-minded'(there are a lot where I live..) is that THEY have a problem with themselves. They are just jealous of you and all the joy you bring to people everyday! I laughed so hard with the “UM” comments! We all love you Bob!! We need more people like you in this world Bob! Don’t let ONE little ol person get you down! You’re going to have to toughen up for when you are famous and the ENQUIRER is following you…xoxo!! Love you Bob! Keep up the great work!

  3. re路ver路ber路ate /v. r瑟藞v蓽rb蓹藢re瑟t; adj. r瑟藞v蓽rb蓹r瑟t/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[v. ri-vur-buh-reyt; adj. ri-vur-ber-it] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation verb, -at路ed, -at路ing, adjective
    鈥搗erb (used without object) 1. to reecho or resound: Her singing reverberated through the house.
    2. Physics. to be reflected many times, as sound waves from the walls of a confined space.
    3. to rebound or recoil.
    4. to be deflected, as flame in a reverberatory furnace

  4. Bob…here is it in a nutshell…in the words of Crowded House:
    Hey now, hey now
    When the world comes in
    They come, they come
    To build a wall between us
    We know they won’t win

    xoxoxo! MJ

  5. i don’t want him!

    and my blog commenters are generally fantastic…

    (i am so going to kick your ass for the slip up with my name you jerk!)

  6. It’s just jealousy. That person who said those terrible things is miserable, pathetic and (probably) a chronic masturbator. They’re jealous of your smokin’ HAWT boyfriend!! They’re jealous of the charmed life you lead!! Did I mention that they’re ALL jealous?? I love you, Bob…you’re the bomb!!

  7. You can use “reverberate” in any context, as long as you claim “poetic license”. In this case, I understood the metaphor of words bouncing off surfaces and changing slightly, only to bounce more and be changed and multiplied by their movement. In the case of blogs, the use is particularly apt, since they allow people to respond to ANYTHING repeatedly, and then respond to the responses. In the case of the internet in general, the anonymity of blog responses allows people to feel like they’re nameless/faceless walls in a canyon… reverberating.

  8. Are you saying that Tom Cruise is not worthy of love? Why?
    Because he is from another planet? Because he is batshit insane?
    What are you implying, Baub?
    But, UMMMMMM, seriously: all I know is you’re too hot for me.

  9. Sizzle is so going to kick your ass!

    I love the video blogs. They’re visual versions of the BAUB Radio. Which I still miss terribly.

    Kisses & love you lots!!!

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