Posted by: King Bee | July 25, 2007

It’s time to wake up.

hailbush.jpgEnough is enough.
What would this country be without freedom of speech?
What would the Vietnam War have been without sit-ins, love-ins and protests?
Richard Nixon on his worst day never reigned with such dark power.
This man has one agenda.
His own.
And if you think you are safe and being protected, you need to wake up.
This isn’t hype.
This isn’t being filtered through an editorial opinion in the media.
This is the direct link from the office of the president.
Broadly banning any and all protests of the war in Iraq.
Please tell me you are not okay with this.
Protest it or not, it is still our right as Americans of the United States to be able to do so.
The United States that are bound by rights and liberties.
If the government feels that you are in any way “undermining efforts in Iraq”,
(yes, being part of a congregated protest in downtown Berkley counts),
they have the right to seize your bank account.

click here to read for yourself:

The Washington Post’s interpretation:


  1. what!? holy shit.

    and hello, he is very Hitler in that photo.

  2. He should pair up with my boss. His way or no way huh? I’m beginning to wonder who is the threat to our national security.

  3. Hell, if you ask me, I say it was past time to wake up 7 years ago! My worst fears have been realized, along with things I could never have imagined happening in our country. Yet there’s still those 20+/-% who think he can do no wrong. A bunch of those idiots live in Singapore, and I think I’ve meet most of them! Big Oil, big American community (no we’re not in the oil biz or any offshoots of it). Have you ever read The Rude Pundit’s blog? Rude, yes, but very smart and pissed off!

    I was 10 years old in 1967 and I watched the news. I was sick of the Viet Nam War, and Richard Nixon, and Watergate. Why aren’t our young people pissed off now? Um, let’s see, could it be there’s no draft and they don’t have to risk their own lives? It is incredible to me that we have the “College Republicans” who convene and profess their support of the war in Iraq “so we don’t have to fight them over here”. Why aren’t those young men and women enlisted and serving in Iraq instead of hotel rooms spouting what’s been fed them with silver spoons? Cowardice.

    Sorry, Bob, you got me worked up into my Fireball mode! ;0)

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot, did you ever read “The Patriot Act”?

  5. […] It’s time to wake up. […]

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