Posted by: King Bee | July 30, 2007

Happy birthday little Finnlet

one year ago today.
time flies.
so much happens in a year.
for every beginning there is an end.
for every end there is a beginning.
the circle of life is continuous.
finn reminds me of the new.
he also takes me to the past.
i remember his mother as an awkward teenager.
now she is a mom.
soon enough he will be a teenager.
the magic of life.
on and on.
sending you all of the magic the world has to offer my little friend.



  1. Wow, time flies when your having fun. Finn is one today. Well Happy Birthday little man.

  2. OMG, BOB!! That is the cutest picture ever!! You need to find a surrogate so you can have a mini-me of your own!! I mean, like…you would only be the greatest, funnest Dad in the history of the world!! Imagine that…A world with TWO “Bobs”?? Could it be?? Is this world even big enough to take on such an endeavor?? **ponders this philosophic conundrum** I WANT MORE PICTURES OF YOU AND FINN!! Oh yeah…Happy 1st Birthday, Finnlet!! =)

  3. So cute!!


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