Posted by: King Bee | September 24, 2007

Oh the humanity

Such an interesting night.
Wanted to share.
Attended the MS dinner.
Multiple sclerosis, not the girls magazine.
Woman across the table assumed Sara was my girlfriend.
Asked if I would be going home to Minnesota with her for Thanksgiving.
Sara and I had a good chuckle.
It must’ve been the suit and tie.
I would have thought the loud shrill of my voice across the table would’ve given me away.
But thinking about the woman, she had a very soft and Laura Ashley look,
but a Cyndi Lauper like thick Lawn Gisland accent.
Maybe she doesn’t judge for fear of being judged.
The event was awakening.
These people border on paralysis and yet they have more ambition and energy to live than most.
They take no movement for granted.
Doctors seem close to a remedy.
It brings more hope.
I can’t help but believe there are more cures out there.
If people didn’t stand to make so much money on us staying sick,
do you think we would advance medically?
Idina Menzel sang “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.
She originated the role on Broadway.
I would like to think the song was written for her.
People talked all throughout it.
Someone yelled across my table to ask me if I had seen Wicked while she was singing.
He then proceeded to tell me what he thought of it.
Couldn’t he have waited until she was done?
This is a moment he is missing.
I don’t want to miss it with him.
What is wrong with people?



  1. Your right about the deblitating disease. I have a cousin who has MS and had through the years slowly gone from a young, active Mom to being wheelchair bound. It’s so sad to see. I too have wondered if the advances in cures for such diseases could be held back because of the almighty dollar. Is it more important to make people well or make a buck.

    As for the people talking during the performance….well that’s just rude. Be courteous is that too much to ask?

  2. what’s wrong with people? now that’s a loaded question, my friend.

  3. I like the Lawn GILANDER comment..funny. It’s funny that she didn’t think you were gay. It reminds me of my mom every time we talk about celebrities that are “in the closet” yet not. ie – Clay Aiken, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Ryan Seacrest…..She gets all shocked and surprised and then starts to yell “MARY JANE YOU THINK EVERYONE IS GAY!” (My friend Michael has the imitation down to a T!) I try and tell her that I don’t think everyone is gay…she thinks I am being mean about it. Which I am TOTALLY not. So my friend Michael that you met from MTV, we’re having a gay intervention with her one of these days. I think she still questions Liberace. oye.

    Oh and the second thing is the thing you said about the cures. I know first hand that this country is all about the dollar and not about the people. Doctors don’t give 2 shits about people if they live or die….I am not being dramatic about this. I am serious. I have seen so many people with cancer in my life trust what the doctors say and go along with everything and then die. It’s quite frustrating for me since I am not a MD…but extremely versed in the cancer world. I did my homework and then some on the subject. Read a TON of books too. If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be here. Period. My friend’s dad just passed away. NOt from cancer, but from the side-effects of the drugs they gave him. One of the side effects was heart failure. One of the drugs they wanted to give me had the same side effects. He died of a heart attack. Not cancer. So when you hear all of these statistics of people dying from cancer…KNOW that it’s ALL crap. It’s the BIG PHARMACEUTICALS in BED with GWB! I watched his inauguration when I was sick….think it made me sicker when I saw the VIP list of all of the pharmaceutical company CEO’s on his list. The doctors are on the front line and are basically the salespeople for drugs. Just try and get off of one of your drugs or cancel a prescription….try it. See what happens. They (doctors and pharmacists) will try and talk you into taking it. My mom did that the other day and her pharmacist was like, “Not everyone gets the side effects…what’s a little leg pain!” Horrific. I can go on and on about this. Stay healthy, get enough rest, do some acupuncture from a TCM doc (traditional Chinese medicine) and tell the doctors to kiss your ass! That is what I did and I’m sticking to it! xoxo MJ

  4. If we start making a list of “what’s wrong with people”, we’ll never finish it.

    I know I’m cynical and jaded, but I’m afraid we won’t ever find a “cure” for another disease. Pharma companies are working on expensive drugs that keep us alive as long as possible, “managing the disease”. It’s their way of forcing us to “rent” our body from them. I stood behind a woman at the pharmacy, who pulled a wad of cash out of her pocket and said, “I only have $700, so I can’t get it all right now.” Can you imagine? ! ? That’s more than most people pay in rent on a house! And whatever pharmaceutical company makes all those medicines that “manage” her disease certainly can’t afford to CURE her. Imagine all the monthly payments they would lose. BILLIONS of dollars go into keeping diabetics and AIDS patients alive; and how many more of each are diagnosed everyday. I understand that big pharma puts billions of dollars into research, which needs to be repaid and gathered for further research, and they’ve advanced humankind beyond many boundaries. But now they’re all run by accountants, who only care about the stock price.

  5. My sister was diagnosed with MS recently. She has suffered for years though before her diagnosis. I hope that you’re right and that a cure is discovered soon!

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