Posted by: King Bee | November 1, 2007

Lance has a book signing…

click here to view the rest.





  1. i saw you at lance’s book signing. you’re a like a celebrity yourself. it look you were having so much and seemed so nice. i wanted to say hi, but couldn’t because you have no clue as to who i am and that would be weird. i just thought it was really cool since you have a truly outrageous and fabulous site and seem like such a great, sweet person who enjoys like and that’s wonderful to see in someone. thank you. i hope you had fun and have a great night. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing for those of us that can’t go.


  3. Bob! My friend went to the signing and recognized you (since she reads this blog)… anyway, just thought you should know that she said you were “incredibly good-looking in person”! I mean, it’s just a fact that you’re a cutie in pictures, but she said you were even hotter in the flesh!

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Loved the you tube video. Great job. You have a real knack with a camera. The picture of Emi and Lance and the last one of you and Lance are my favorites.

  5. OMG I’m on Youtube now. Haha how funny. You got some great pics, your new camera is awesome.

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