Posted by: King Bee | November 2, 2007

More Halloween fun

Happy Halloween!

Meet the FlintstonesThe Rubblesa MAN, duh! and Heather

Wendy Lance and StacyWendy and LisaLove at first bite
inappropriateStacy and JustinSleepy
Matt and SabrinaMagicalnice arms
kittycatKb and JoelKathy and Lance
Fred and WilmaAlfonso goes three ways

Meet the Flintstones



  1. that one of you grabbing wilma’s breasts? i think we took that same pic when we dated. heh. 😉

    love eric’s expression in these!

  2. Yay I have my own photobooth pics now! So cool.

  3. Everyone looks to be having so much fun. There are some great costumes. I think my favorites have to be the Flintstones. You guys look fantastic.

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