Posted by: King Bee | November 7, 2007

ain’t going down til the sun comes up

it’s 1:15am
we are in a casino in kansas city.
se is playing poker.
i’m scared to join.
small group, but hungry competition.
instead i am lost in daydreams at a slot machine.
my words can never describe my evening.
we arrived backstage.
garth is a gentleman.
removed his hat.
didn’t have handlers wrangle us.
walked out into the hallway and brought us in.
trisha was on stage singing.
garth thanked us for coming.
told us to put our stuff down.
go to our seats and hear trisha sing.
voice from heaven.
he wanted us to come back so we could meet trisha also.
pinch me.
i remember how firm garth’s handshake was.
direct eye contact.
proper gentleman.
trisha sang.
in my seat i cried during she’s in love with the boy.
her set ended.
backstage again.
in the hallway garth and trisha greet us again.
take us into his dressing room.
there is no one else.
just the four of us.
“have a seat”.
“can we get you something to drink?”
18,000 fans waiting and he is concerned for our comfort.
he is scheduled to take the stage in 15.
he is wearing a sweatshirt and calm.
i feel like i am in their living room.
garth and trisha take a couch.
se and i on another.
people meeting for the first time like old friends catching up.
i gush to trisha.
se gushes to garth.
is this happening?
they hold hands.
they kiss and canoodle.
they are as cute as you want them to be.
he asks if she will sing a song tonight.
she agrees.
i suggest walkaway joe.
i saw them sing it once and tell them it was one of my favorite moments.
they take photos and sign pictures.
by my third hug from trisha, i am ready to be adopted.
garth also says goodbye with a hug.
if i am sleeping, don’t wake me.
he sends us off with a bag of sweatshirts and hats.
they are even in my size.
it’s time for the show.
off to our seats.
emotions on full tilt.
from the stage garth explodes.
he sings fever.
he finds us in the audience and points to us.
i feel like courtney cox.
halfway through the show, garth brings trisha on stage.
they sing in another’s eyes.
i am now standing pressed against the stage trying to get just one good photo.
trisha is ready to leave.
garth stops her and says how about one more?
garth finds the key on his guitar.
together they sing walkaway joe.
pinch me.
the show continues.
he never misses a note and his electric current jolts us all.
afterward we are backstage to gather our things.
he sees us and comes to say goodbye.
he hugs se and tells her he thought of her during the dance.
more tears of joy.
he asks me what i thought of the show.
i say mediocre. we laugh.
trisha sees us and runs over.
another hug.
adopt me please.
as far as i am concerned, they are country royalty.
and my life is officially magical.
it is now 5:15 in the morning.
kansas city time.
our plane is in a few hours.
i’m wide awake.
i really ain’t going down ’til the sun comes up.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. perfect.


  3. Wow! Great details! I felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing! Both Garth and Trisha are on my “Must See List”.

  4. Yeah… again… you’re dead to me.

    Seriously, though. How fucking awesome, huh? I saw him at work on Monday and flipped just to get his autograph. I was too young to go to the mega-concerts in the 90’s and now he’s only in KC… although I hear he MIGHT just add an LA date as a result of the popularity of the KC shows. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I would cry.

  5. OMG Garth and Trish are truly Country Royalty. What a special moment in time. And they sang a song for you. How great is that?

  6. WHOA!!!!! What a great story, told as only you can do it. Wish I was there! Love and miss you.


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