Posted by: King Bee | February 22, 2008

This guy in leopard…



  1. Did you just get FREEZE FRAMED?!

  2. Oh my God!!! You are so famous now. So does this mean I have to bow & scrape in your presense? Kiss your ring??

  3. you know you’ve arrived when you’re tmz. hehe

  4. Glad you got to capture that. I was so surprised when it came on…I was like was that Bob? Yes it was. OMG.

  5. Well, it could’ve been worse: They could’ve shown footage of you pushing Siegfried out of the way, to get to the Chicks. You know it would’ve been edited to look like you were after Bette, with the Psycho theme in the background. Then it would’ve replayed over and over in slow-mo, as the commercial bumper.

  6. I bet if you put all your 15 min of fame together you could make a full length movie. I guess i\I need to start watching TMZ!

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