Posted by: King Bee | May 2, 2008

World Premiere: The Baub Show!

We’ve all talked about it for years… and now it is finally happening! The kind folks over at Ashley Arrison (her new EP is available now and she will be singing two songs!), Eric Johnson (friend and costumer extraordinaire), and James Rhine from Big Brother 6 as well as Big Brother All Stars!

You can watch it below or just go over to and you’ll see the live broadcast at 7pm PST (please note that there is a loop of Starpower clips until the cameras go live).

You’ll also be able to log into the chat room and interact/ask questions! If you’d like to go over early, you can also create your own live video page where you can subscribe and find out when my next show will be happening!

Please tell your friends! Tell everyone! This could be the start of something REALLY good! xo



  1. How exciting! Unfortunately I was at work…I just got home actually. 😦 But I will watch it in the archive!

  2. Great Job Bob! I enjoyed the show. My feed was very choppy and I had freeze frame for most of the show but the sound came through for the most part so iI heard what was going on. Ashley sounded so beautiful. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Bob,

    That was very cool. Keep soaring.

  4. BAUB, BAUB, BAUB, We want more BAUB!!!!
    How cool it was to watch you in action. You are still as cute as ever!!!!

    I’ll keep watching for more…

    Love one of your many number one fans.
    (Now who’s the celebrity?)
    P.S., Gus is soooo adorable!!!

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