Posted by: King Bee | May 13, 2008

A lot of people have asked me…

A lot of people have asked me, “what kind of dog is Gus”? Well, all I can say definitively is he is a loved dog. Beyond that, we know that his mother is a Cockapoo (yes, Cocker Spaniel and Poodle). Her tale is like a bad USA prison movie. She was locked up in the slammer and gang banged by several male dogs. Six puppies, three different fathers. Gus and I already have so much in common. To end the curiosity, here is Gus’s mama with her bastard brood…

Baby Mama

A lot of people have asked me how big he’ll get. Your guess is as good as mine. They say you can tell by his paws, so I would have to say, ‘medium size’?

Paw paws

A lot of people have asked me how big he currently is. They are always shocked when they meet him because he is a lot smaller than he photographs. He is just about the size of a basket ball…

Baller Gus

A lot of people have asked me how Shannon is doing since Dancing With The Stars and if she and Derek really are in love. I can confirm that she is happy and definitely in love with being an Aunt to Gus. The rest, I will let you decide for yourself…

Aunt ShannonAunt Shannon

And finally, something non-Gus related… I finally met Ross the Intern. I’ve spent a lot of years resenting him. I couldn’t really tell you why. Maybe because he was the chubby gay boy doing what I wanted to do on the Tonight Show. Maybe it was because every time he appeared on the Tonight Show, someone would inevitably call me the next day to say they saw someone who reminded them of me on the Tonight Show (which really just meant a chubby gay boy). But then about a year ago I followed his journey on Celebrity Fit Club. Almost ashamed, I realized he and I were much more alike than I had feared (and had even grown up not far from each other in Washington). I have followed his daily blog since and have looked forward to him becoming a friend instead of a foe. I’m happy to say we hit it off at the Big Brother 9 wrap party (hence the Adam/Ryan names below). Give it time, we’ll be doing a talkie blog together soon enough…

Ross the Intern... Friend or Foe?Ross the intern... friend



  1. So THAT’S who that is! I had no idea. I’m so unhip.

  2. Love the pics of Gus, but I really like the Ross ones. Why? Because I have my own photo with the lad. I was in SeaTac on my way to your 30th birthday party as a matter of fact. I spotted him and when we landed at Burbank forced him to take a photo with me. I think he was more shocked that someone recognized him.

    Scary? Yes, but you knew that about me already. =)

  3. I’ve been following your blog forever! I really enjoy your writing style! You have a way of drawing us in to your life and your thoughts. Ah-ma-zing!

    I am also a HUGE fan of Ross. I was even named a “Blogger of the Month” last year! 😉 I really enjoy him as well! I often wondered if you two had met…..and now you have! He also has a great writing style and I do miss his written blogs. I do enjoy the talkies, but love the written blogs even more! Another case of drawing us into his world!

    Thanks for making me smile. I’m the same age as you and so a lot of the pop culture you refer to sends me back to great memories! 🙂

  4. Thanks Bethie! What’s your blog???

  5. As of yet I don’t blog (which is funny, because I *am* a Graphic Designer so you’d think I’d have a website of some sort!) but I’m just an ol’ “Blog Buddy” on Ross’ Blog and up until August of last year he (along with votes from other Blog Buddies) chose a Blogger of the Month. (from the archives:

    It’s funny because I’m not exactly sure what got me here (well, to your old blog), but I’m fairly sure it had something to do with Lance or Joey, ha ha ha….but here I am still and you can’t get rid of me too easily! I’ve read of your struggles and I really love the upbeat turn it seems your life has taken! You seem so happy! If you ever make your way to the lovely state of Michigan, you’ve got a friend to visit! 🙂 I love designing wedding invitations! 😉 Good Luck!

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