Posted by: King Bee | May 17, 2008


I know that I am totally becoming Kathy Lee Gifford back when she was on Live With Regis and Kathy… back when she was the annoying woman who talked incessantly about her children and ran a sweatshop, and long before she became the self-absorbed nightmare (whom is rude to her guests) and fourth hour of the Today Show. Well my ‘Cody’ is named Gus. And I am just sure that if you look at the pics below, you will agree, he is worth a lot of type. But I promise, I will soon be unleashing my story about meeting all five of the New Kids On The Block as well as going to dinner with my absolute favorite very soon (read: there will be no mention of Gus in the NKOTB post). But in the meantime… favor me with your willingness to look at more Gus… won’t you??


I know!What Up?




  1. He really is all kinds of adorable. I see why you keep gushing. Maybe you should change his name to Gush? 😉

  2. Awwww….cute, cute, cute! I agree with changing his name to Gush!

    But I am patiently awaiting said story of your NKOTB rendezvous. :: tapping feet :: On October 22, 2004 I was lucky enough to see Jordan in concert in a small venue near Detroit. It was all of my teeny dreams come true….at age THIRTY! I cried when he came out on stage (as did my BFF and MANY other thirty-something women around us). Oh, did I mention that I was due to give birth to my first child just 4 weeks from then?? (Whom we referred to as Gus the entire pregnancy) Ha! I had my first contractions that night as Jordan sang the first song! Ok, I’m totally a dork, but it was totally worth it.

    My son is now three and a half and as we watched NKOTB on The Today Show he made his Mama proud: waved his hands in the air…waved ’em like he just don’t care….he was ready to rock with the NKOTB, somebody say Oh Yeah! And he busted out with a “La la la la la la Tonight” at *just* the right time!

  3. Gus is way too cute. He is way cuter than Cody.

    I turned a bit Kathy Lee after I had kids too. I still have to remind myself to cool it sometimes. 😉

    So I have to put in a story about one of my kids and my fave band from my teeny bopper days. I took my 10 year old to see Duran Duran a few weeks ago. I didn’t cry when they came on stage but I did sweat a bit and my heart raced just a little when I saw John Taylor in the flesh. Anyway, on with the kid part of the story. While we were leaving I mentioned that I was starving and my dear sweet little boy replied, “me too, I’m hungry like a wolf.” buahahahahaa I have never been so proud.

  4. I will never tire of stories and pics of Gus. He’s just too cute.

    Looking forward to the NKOTB story. I know how I felt when I got the chance to meet my favorite NSYNC’er *wink, wink*. Of which I owe a certain someone a huge thank you! xoxo

  5. I’m gonna die from all the adorable puppiness!

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