Posted by: King Bee | May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Quelle suprise! Friends and parties just make good excuses for more photos of Gus!

Just plain cute.
It's nap time...Harley!
Ready to driveWanna ride?
Aunt AmandaAunt Amanda
For real
Kissy faceHolla!The Brick Series
DingoThe Brick Series

Uncle LanceUncle Lance
Aunt LisaAunt Sabrina

Here we are using the flip flop wine coasters Heidi bought for Bonnie…
Heidi's Thongs!



  1. hi Paddy!
    hi Eric!
    hi Andrew!
    hi Gus!

  2. Gus really loves the camera! Awww Lance and Lisa with Gus. How did Gus get along with Dingo and Foster?

  3. Gus is just too adorable!! He seems to get along with others. Hope you are having lots of fun with him.

  4. Awwww so much cuteness!! When do I get to meet him? Is he due for his boosters soon? 😉

  5. When is Gus coming to New York City?

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