Posted by: King Bee | June 19, 2008

Ketching up with old friends…

I had dinner with friends on Tuesday night (at Ketchup) that I hadn’t seen in eleven years. It is amazing how much time can pass and all that can happen in our lives and how easily all of that time and space can be removed by a simple reconnection. We worked together at a little company called Navigation Technologies. It was a revolutionary concept that would digitally map out the world so a satellite in the sky could guide you and keep you from getting lost. It was far fetched and by the time I left in 1996 seemed like it was never going to happen. Now it is used in every GPS system, Mapquest, Google maps, you name it. What did I know? The 21 year old fool I was, I had my sights set on Hollywood and was just thrilled to be out of retail. I didn’t buy a single stock option, but I can always look back on it as the job that changed my life… and humbly I still have the friends to prove it.

Mark & Joe

(above Mark Granovsky and Joe Noonan)

And just because I hadn’t posted any in a couple of days, I had to share these two new photos of Gus as he rapidly grows, looking more and more like the prodigy of Lady and the Tramp. In the twist of his story, his cocker spaniel mother is the lady AND the tramp!

Super modelCutest dog EVER



  1. You look gorgeous in that photo. It’s great catching up with old friends…hint hint. =)

  2. Well you may not have the riches of $$$ but you do have the riches of experience and old friends.

    Wow Gus is really growing fast. He’s loosing that puppy look and looking a little more mature. I wish I could have a Gus. 😦

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