Posted by: King Bee | August 12, 2008

Episode 1 – The Baub Show

Tomorrow night, we go live!

Our set isn’t ready, so we have decided we will be very stripped down (calm down boys and girls, the show will be stripped, but we will be clothed).

Our guests will be Amanda Columbus, Chip Dorsch and Sherry Layne and we’ll be talking about anything, everything and nothing. You’ll be able to hop in the chat room and join our conversation!

The show will be broadcasting live at 7pm (PST) on

You don’t need a Live Video account to view or even comment, but if you have one, you will be able to subscribe, as well as be notified of any live presentations that will happen throughout the week between shows. Registered viewers can also jump on their own webcams and become part of the show!

To get an account, just go to

Please pass this on to your friends and be sure to tune in to the premiere episode of, The Baub Show!

Also, if you are on Facebook, be sure and become a fan!


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