Posted by: King Bee | September 30, 2008

From Jake Walden

I’ll be at the Hotel Cafe Thursday night cheering on my friend Jake. I encourage anyone and everyone who can, to make it. Also wanted to share his blog post from today…

Thought of the day….cover song contest “Frozen” video….September 30, 2008

I’m an artist.  I am crazy, impulsive, explosively emotional and surprisingly vulnerable.  A few weeks ago I started this cover contest, of which so many of you wrote.  Through this time, I learned several of the songs, but never could seem to melt into them.  I also became increasingly obsessed with my own new work…blah blah…..point is I am sorry for the delay.  Funny, this choice was very random.  You can see I had to reference the words at some point as in all honesty, though I am a Madonna admirer, I have never really followed her stuff.  But this song, suggested by Bob spoke to me the other night, very late, randomly…so I set up the camera and sang.  I know it isn’t soaring or complicated, but there is something in the lyrical and melodic message that brought me peace in that moment.  I hope you like, and know that not only do I want the suggestions to keep coming, but I have all the ones already sent saved.

Today, as I prepare for the big show in L.A on Thursday, as I imagine the stage and your faces, I am taken away from the stuggles of my own heart and mind and reminded of all that is beautiful and worth caring about in this world.
Love isn’t what you say,
Love is what you do…..

Peace, be you, Jake



  1. Tomorrow night? lol

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