Posted by: King Bee | February 14, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

I have been building Deborah Gibson’s website for the last few weeks and decided to venture into my garage this morning to find some fun memorabilia to scan. I found plenty, but what I didn’t expect to find was the box of treasured memories that I stumbled upon. As I scan them, I will continue to share them. The first that made me smile was this “binding contract” between Stephanie, my girlfriend at the time’s little sister, and myself, declaring her my sister. I love that I am bound to never anguish her soul. I can only imagine what was going on at the time! I also think it is interesting to see where my notorious signature came from. You can see how it evolved… Also humorous is the dot matrix printer and paper. (FYI- Stephanie is the mother of Finn, one of the stars of this here blog of mine, so you can be sure this contract has in fact remained valid!)

click to enlarge



  1. You probably came up with that after one of our infamous birthday fights. We ruined many of her parties with our drama. 😉

  2. Except this was in September. So I am sure you and I were fighting OR this caused a fight, but definitely wasn’t an infamous birthday fight 🙂

  3. And — of course — it seems to have started ANOTHER fight, right here!

  4. You got that “M” from Madonna. I recognize it because it is the basis of my “M” 🙂

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