Posted by: King Bee | February 19, 2009

Can you believe this is Gus’s sister?



  1. No! It can’t be.

  2. Mutts Rule!

  3. That’s an interesting looking dog. Gus definitely got the looks in the family!

  4. wow

  5. You were too young to know Maxine – yes you were around – but she had a litter that virtually looked like they came from 3 or 4 different dogs a couple even having wire haired muzzles like a terrier – Maxine was a Shepard/Malamute.

  6. Gus is definitely cuter. Genes are a funny thing. Our dog Luci and her sister are very different also.

  7. I think that sums up me and my siblings as well. Does that make us all muts?? 🙂

  8. I know it does in my family – but then again we were all adopted. LOL Gus really got the good looks gene. Good thing too – otherwise, he wouldn’t have fit into your littel family 🙂

  9. that second pic looks disturbingly like her head is mounted on a wall!

  10. Aw, she’s still sooo cute though, and yes, that second picture does look like her head is mounted…haha

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