Posted by: King Bee | March 20, 2009

I can cook

This is proof that I can not wrap my mind around the concept of baking. But the pork loin in fennel, carrots and potatoes with fresh thyme and stone ground mustard was phenomenal! By the way, this is the final product. It wasn’t dropped from the second floor of a building. I couldn’t get it out of the pan and all of the frosting and all of the men, couldn’t put the cake back together again!


  1. Awww it’s cute.

  2. I bet it still tastes fabulous in all of it’s gooey goodness.

  3. You get points for trying at least. 🙂

  4. This is hilarious! I would NEVER attempt to bake, so good for you for TRYING. Janet is definitely the baker in my family. x

  5. I’ll vouch that you can actually cook. But that cake looks like a PacMan with a skin condition.

  6. “Here ya go Nick! Happy birthday!”

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