Posted by: King Bee | March 27, 2009

My friend Deborah.

If you had told me in 1991 that I was going to be friends with Deborah Gibson, I never would’ve believed you. After all, that was the summer Sari and I spent dialing the Caboodles Concert Hotline to enter the sweepstakes to win a date with Deb. When I say we called repeatedly every day, you can’t imagine what that meant or how many thousands of times we actually called (after all, it was free and there was no limit to how often you could enter). I was convinced that with our dedication and enough dialing, someone at Caboodle would think we deserved it. I could see our evening, it involved dinner and just Sari, Deborah and myself. Every time, a pre-recorded announcement from Deborah would say, “you have reached the Caboodles Concert Hotline!” and in my simple little mind, it was like I was leaving a message on her answering machine. It was stuck in our heads for months and wouldn’t you know, we never even won a Caboodle! (it was like a tackle box for your make-up). In retrospect, all of the calls were probably a sign to keep me away from her! The good news is, I’ve managed to find my relationship with Deborah to be normal these days, but even I was a bit like a kid on Christmas when we were having lunch and a box arrived from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with some of her more famous costumes from 1989. Fortunately, I was there with my camera… just another day in my life…

p.s. THIS just about killed me today as well…



  1. I find so much glee in this turn of events. Good things happen to you because you are good people. Ya know?

  2. I think you’ve got your contests confused. The Caboodles Concert Hotline contest was a contest to see Deb in a private concert. I believe it was at the China Club. The sweepstakes to win a date with Deb was another contest which involved sending in entry forms.

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