Posted by: King Bee | May 3, 2009

And to think I thought I was fat…

scanMy dad was kind enough to forward me this photo this morning. I was just saying I have very few photos from birth to 16 and low and behold, here I find myself being thankful for that. I’m 15 in this photo and am hoping that the wind is causing the chaos in the front and not Aqua Net. As far as those shorts go, I had a pair in yellow as well and am publicly apologizing to Shaunessy for all of the times I insisted on wearing them out in public with my Debbie Gibson T-shirt. I must’ve really been an amazing lover for her to keep me around as long as she did!!!


  1. Well, you are pretty good in the sack.

  2. fill in the blanks…




  3. For a split second I thought you were wearing socks with sandles.

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