Posted by: King Bee | May 15, 2009

Photo Memories

I’ve been going through boxes of stuff (my weight lately is also being measured in the amount of stuff I have hung on to over the years and I am looking to pair it all down). Last week I came across a treasure chest of old photos. They invoke multiple thoughts-

1) What was I thinking with my hair?

2) Why did I think I was so fat then? I’d kill for that waist line now!

3) I’ve had a pretty fun ride thus far.

I’ll be sharing more of these photos as the days climb forward, but today I wanted to share these shots I found of the first two times I met Trisha Yearwood (and of course our pic from last year). It looks like she and I have definitely gotten better with age. She was my first ever country concert (she was opening for Travis Tritt) and I fell for her instantly and never stopped.

I love my vest and my Billy Baldwin inspired hair color in the first one. Ahhhh the stories I could tell…








  1. cute!

  2. Why did you think you were fat? It’s so crazy!

    Oh the Billy Baldwin phase….ha ha.

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