Posted by: King Bee | May 20, 2009

A new sensation

As I laid my head on my pillow last night, eager to drift off, there was an excitement in mind.

I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Nothing extraordinary had happened to me yesterday. Well, I did manage to load up the season finale of Gossip Girl on my computer and watch it from an extremely hot bath (I am not kidding when I say my legs have been killing me since that stupid hike on Sunday). But I wouldn’t consider that extroridnary, more just a guilty pleasure.

As I searched my mind for the answer, I landed on the word satisfaction. I was going to bed satisfied and suddenly proud. I am two and a half weeks in and I haven’t strayed. There has been no cheating, there has been no justifying. Just one foot in front of the other. Eat what you are supposed to and all will be well.Strangely, the cynic in me is beginning to believe it.

It’s as though my mind and body got together and reached an agreement. If my mind makes the right food choices, my body will make sure it does the rest and my bones seem to be tingling with excitement. I know it sounds cheesey, but it has been a long time since I have been this consistent on a program and it feels good.

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

What are you doing to make yourself feel better today?



  1. glad to see you doing so well bob! I am going take a nap after having a salad for lunch 🙂

  2. I’m going to try out the aqua jog class at my pool. I’m totally terrified to walk into a situation IN A SWIMSUIT where I don’t know where to go or what to do and know no one. But, I am going. Because I need to work out.

  3. Cooking dinner with the twins. Always a delicious joy! x

  4. I am working out with a friend. I love lifting weights but hate the cardio. Boring……

  5. I had a salad for lunch and I went running after work. It was hard, but I did it!

  6. I had a salad for lunch…small step, but a step!

    Tomorrow is Field Day for my five year old. We’ll both be very active! 😉

    • one step in the right direction. keep one foot in front of the other!

  7. I actually rejoined Weight Watchers and stuck to my program all day long!

  8. I too am on weight watchers and have stuck with it for 2 weeks now. Also I made a committment to get up at 6:15 am and workout with My Fitness Coach on the wii. I was named to the bronze group today and got to choose a different workout scene and a new music choice. I’ve also decided to continue the wii program and a 15 minute walk after work beginning next week. You’re right though Bob, baby steps, baby steps. I’m very proud of you – Keep up the GREAT work.

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