Posted by: King Bee | May 21, 2009

Melrose Place Redux

My head just about fell off my shoulders when I learned the news they were bringing back Melrose Place. Then when they announced Ashlee Simpson, I passed out. Today, we have a first clip of some edited scenes from the new show (you better hurry and watch it before they take it down) and I am flumoxed. How on Earth is Sydney Mancini Andrews (my all time favorite character) back on the show? She died! Remember, she got mowed down at her wedding to Brooke Burke’s husband! And she is hitting on Michael Mancini’s son? Whom, in all of this time and their history, wouldn’t she be more like an aunt? And just how far into the future have we gone, because Michael’s son is a total hunk and when we last left off (just ten years ago), Lisa Rinna was pregnant with Michael’s child… is this show going to have flashing lights of time travel like Lost? If so, can we view clips of all of my favorites like Amanda Woodward, Charlotte from Sex and the City, Bree Hodge from Desperate Housewives and Lily Vanderwoodsen from Gossip Girl? My head is spinning again, but you know I will be tuning in. Mostly so I can get answers to these and many more questions like, WTF?

*For anyone wondering, MP was one of my all time favorite shows and I never missed an episode. Melrose Mondays were sacred and the phone was unplugged and social activities were blacked out of my calendar. Amanda Woodward forever.



  1. I prefered 90210, but I watched MP faithfully. Probably so we could talk about it. I’ll give it a go and hope it’s as good as it was. But still…..Ashley Simpson?

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