Posted by: King Bee | May 21, 2009



So I had heard this was a possibility, but now it seems it is a reality! ABC has picked up V for a mid-season replacement

Diana was the ultimate evil and of course I loved every moment she was on screen. She could play Amanda Woodwards mother if Linda Gray hadnt been cast!

Diana was the ultimate evil and of course I loved every moment she was on screen. She could play Amanda Woodward's mother if Linda Gray hadn't been cast!

starring my friend and one of the kindest people on the planet, Elizabeth Mitchell. A lot of people don’t realize I grew up a science fiction geek (a fact that recently appeared at a late night screening of Star Trek when I welled-up during a few moments and hearing the score). So much so, that in the early ’80s I regularly attended the Science Fiction Expo that was held a top the Space Needle in Seattle, where I met my first celebrity crush, Sandahl Bergman (from Conan the Barbarian and Xanadu) and peed in a urinal next to James Doohan (the original Scotty). But nothing could come close to my love and obsession with the show V. Of course, I always pretended to be Elizabeth (the child born from both worlds and possessing magical powers) and was convinced that I could pull everyone’s faces off to reveal a lizard flesh underneath. I still own my original comic books, but my treasured possession was my V doll with removable face. This trailer looks AWESOME and I am seriously geeking out right now.


  1. OOOOhhhhhh! I love that Joel Gretsch, and I loved the original V, and I’m totally excited that Elizabeth is going to be carrying her own show!

  2. I didn’t watch V, but I seem to remember Amy was obsessed with it. I’ll have to tune in. It looks great.

  3. I didn’t know you knew Elizabeth Mitchell! And yet this does not surprise me… you know pretty much everyone… 😉

    I was a total nut for V too! I went all super geek and created my own alphabet based on the Visitors symbol. Because… well… I am a super geek and that’s what I did when I was like 13.

    I love that you peed next to Scotty. That’s some serious geek cred. I recently peed next to the original Boomer (Herbert Jefferson Jr.) from the old school Battlestar Galactica at a comic convention thinggy. He smelled like cigarettes and sadness…

  4. Why is the post all screwy for me? Is there a photo that isn’t showing or something?

    Elizabeth is great and I will miss her on Lost. That is…if she really died!

  5. Cooooooooolllllll!

  6. I love how Joel Gretsch goes from the 4400 to another scifi type show! I am so watching this and cannot wait.

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