Posted by: King Bee | May 27, 2009

Today I showed up.

Photo courtesy of Married With Dinner

I lost four pounds at Sunday’s weigh in.

It feels like a lot of work throughout the week for such a small number.

Three weeks down. Sixteen pounds total.

I am on the right track.

One day at a time.

Baby steps.

Sunday night I splurged.

I had cocktails and pizza.

I felt gross all day yesterday.

Today I sweated my guts out at the gym and walked throughout West Hollywood,

carrying a sign and taking photos.

My body feels thankful.

So does my heart.

Togetherness. Community.

Today was another to be marked in history.

Today it was reiterated that I am an second third class citizen unequal citizen,

(you see, if you were one of the lucky 36,000 people who ran and got married,

you are recognized. But if you took marriage serious enough to wait

and make sure you are with the right person, your love isn’t recognized legally).

Actually, I feel worse for single homosexuals.

It wasn’t bad enough that you are single,

but now you are single and missed your window of opportunity.

I can only hope this means there is a brighter horizon

and our government is just biding it’s time for some unknown cause that hasn’t been exposed to us yet.

Why else wouldn’t they annul all marriages at this point?

It is head scracthing.

But not as head scratching as the cover of People magazine.

Bristol Palin on the cover holding her baby in her cap and gown.

I was always taught that teenage pregnancy is bad and taboo.

Funny to think that if I had gotten my girlfriend in High School pregnant

and married her, but secretly had sex in dark alleys where I could contract

STDs and live my life in a shameful lie, eventually committing suicide or breaking

the heart of my family by decieving them,

I would have more rights.

I could also be on the cover of People magazine.

On second thought, that doesn’t seem very funny.

Seems quite sad.

Footage from tonight, courtesy of my friend Ryan O’Connor



  1. I had a bit of a splurgy day yesterday but am right back on track…I lost 5.6 pounds my first week, so yayayay!

    I just cannot believe California. It’s supposed to be this place full of liberal goodness yet we lag. Woops, no “we” anymore since I moved but still.

  2. Since I am that high school girlfriend, I have a little more stock in the situation and I have to say that’s no life for either of us (though I am not against having your baby). I am glad you got out and marched and were surrounded by others who feel the same way and will keep fighting. I wish I could have been there with you.

    (And hey, 16 pounds is GREAT!)

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