Posted by: King Bee | June 14, 2009

Surviving the gloom with a smile

I’ve inadvertently developed a new tradition. Every Sunday, after my weigh-in, I walk over to the Starbucks, order an Americano and type a blog from my cell phone. I can’t explain it, but it makes me happy.

Today I thought I wouldn’t and shouldn’t be doing it. I have people expecting me places and running around to do. That’s also what helped me realize that this 15 minutes I’m taking for myself is that much more important.

My weigh-in went well. I lost over a pound and a half but not quite two pounds. My consultant said that was normal since I had such a big drop last week. Personally I’m thrilled I lost anything at all. This was a tough week.

I get that June gloom happens every year, but I don’t ever remember it raining! I’d be lying if I said the gray clouds weren’t affecting me. Richard you may notice is popping up on various TV shows this week that are taped in New York, so he only taught on Tuesday and that was the extent of my working out. The gloom has left me wanting to snuggle up in warm cotton and watch TV. I haven’t, but I also haven’t pushed myself out the door to do anything else.

Despite all of this, I’m still feeling happy and accomplished. I think of how I’d be doing through all of this gloom if I weren’t in my present state of mind. I’d in fact be wrapped up in cotton, watching TV, eating out of control and ultimately wallowing and feeling horrible about myself once the sun returns. I’m happy to not be that person right now. I’m feeling an accomplishment that I am smiling right now and eating healthy under a gray heavy sky. I’m happy that I’m making myself a priority right now so that I can be that much more present for everyone who needs me this afternoon. I’m confident that I’m going to have a great week, have some great exercise sessions and eat healthy and delicious food.

I am thankful for all of you that read my last post and who have shared yourselves so generously with your comments.

What are some routines you have for yourself that make you happy? I hope you take the time today and this week to do them for yourself.


sent through digital vibrations from my cell phone.



  1. I’ve been thinking about changing my routine actually. I want to get in more exercise and prioritize it over other things like blogging or reading blogs. My morning routine is comprised mostly of getting up at 6am, getting ready for work, writing my blog, eating breakfast and reading blogs until I invariably leave for work late.

    I would much rather get up at 6am, go for a brisk thirty minute walk, get ready for work, hit “publish” on a post I wrote the night before, get some food in my belly and get to work on time. That way my day has already started out right and anything from there is a bonus. 🙂

  2. Those little routines are good for you– and it’s not much time to take just for yourself. I say keep the routine and stop feeling guilty! 🙂 So easy to give advice…. and not follow it myself….

    Cindi in Colorado

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  4. Through the years I’ve learned that you HAVE to take a few minutes each day for yourself. Here on the east coast we’ve been living through over a week of rain. I started walking for 30 minutes during lunch but then the rains came. I started a Richard Simmons dvd that I thought was going to KILL me. I’m more determined than ever to walk at lunch so I don’t have to put in that dvd after work. I even bought a golf umbrella in pretty rainbow colors in order to walk in the rain. I much prefer to be outside and have that 30 minutes to myself.

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