Posted by: King Bee | July 18, 2009

Wish me luck.

Today, I will be checking off one more goal as accomplished: auditioning for Sweating To The Oldies 5. There are only 16 spots and as badly as I want it, I am just excited to say I auditioned. Of course I will be even more excited if I ever get to say, “Meet me at Best Buy and I will sign your copy!” Kidding. Kind of.




  1. Totally exciting! 🙂

  2. OMG – GOOD LUCK! I REALLY hope you get it. Then I can exercise with you even though we are on opposite coasts.

  3. I hope you get it! You deserve to be in it!!! If you don’t, I am picking Richard up and throwing him over my shoulder to give him a good talking-to…Hee Hee! Seriously, You Danced the BEST of all the guys there, truly. You have such a Light that shines from you!
    Hey, you can sign my t-shirt tomorrow night! LOL!!!

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