Posted by: King Bee | September 25, 2009

An experience of a lifetime…

I have much that I want to say and should say and could say, but for now, all I’ve got is one simple word: gratitude.

I am so thankful to Richard and all of his team who not only chose me to be a part of this experience, but made it such a fun one. I am thankful to have gotten to work with the cast and make so many new friendships. It is rare to make so many new friends in such a short stint of time once you reach a certain age, but this experience really was like no other. I am thankful to my body, which although is very sore today, reminded me just how strong and powerful it can be when I show it the right amount of love. My endurance is up and I feel like I am in my twenties again. I have lost over 40 pounds and it takes a lot more than stairs and Aretha Franklin’s Think to make me winded. And most of all, I am thankful for my friends. From Shannon’s flowers to all of the notes and sincere smiles I have received over the last 6 weeks congratulating me and supporting me, I’ve danced every step to make you proud. The DVD will be out in December. We shoot the infomercial tomorrow. In just a few months I will be sweating with you in your living rooms. It is unbelievable and I am grateful.

Thank you everyone for sharing this extraordinary experience with me.

I’m off to get a massage.




  1. Oh. My. God!

    This rocks for you! How amazing and congratulations for being a part of that team. 🙂

  2. BOB!! THAT IS AMAZING!! GOOD FOR YOU!! 40!! AWESOME!! You are an INSPRIATION to us all!

  3. Congratulations Bob, I knew that once you found your passion you would be successful! 40 lbs is a great number and you are looking – dare I say – Simply Marvelous! I wish we could be there more often to cheer you on but know this we love you and support you in your dreams.

  4. Great timing. My foot has been released from Physical Therapy and is anxiously waiting to move and groove along with you. I will now have a friend to “sweat” with. I can’t wait for December. Congratulations on 40 pounds! That is a FANTASTIC achievement. I can’t wait for the day I can say the same.

  5. there are no words to begin to describe how happy & proud I am of/for you…!

    Love the orange outfit & it’s not even black!

  6. Bob! You look so good. Way to go with the weight loss. Looking forward to the video.

  7. Way to go. We are very proud of you. Uncle Cliff’s comment “Good for him” on the 40 lbs. Keep up the GREST work. I know it is a difficult quest and very challenging but now that you are inspired you will make your final goal.
    Aunt Karen

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