Posted by: King Bee | January 12, 2010

What new movies are you most excited about?

I admit, I didn’t get as tingly with this trailer as I did when they premiered the teaser for the first movie, but at that point it had been awhile since I had had anything new from the fab foursome. There was also that part inside of me believing that as Carrie took that final call on her cell from “John” that I may never see anything new from them ever again. But now, the more I watch this trailer, the happier it makes me. It is one more indication that 2010 is going to be a good year.

I love that they tell you nothing in their trailers. A lot of other movies could learn a lot from them (did you see the trailers for All About Steve or that Jennifer Anniston/ Aaron Eckhart movie? Without seeing the movies, you knew everything that was going to happen INCLUDING the final scenes as they both obviously appeared in the trailers).

With that said, I love that the SATC teaser gives us exactly what we need: to see that the girls will be doing all of the things we love them for- dining, partying, struggling, looking fabulous, but we know nothing about the storyline. Isn’t that how it should be??

What other movies are you excited about seeing in 2010?

Others for me are: Valentine’s Day and Alice in Wonderland

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  1. Has there ever been talk about a prequel movie? I’d love to see the four of them at 16, 18… 21? I guess that’s sort of GossipGirl!

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