Posted by: King Bee | January 16, 2010

@jakewalden and I having a moment.

He sang one song tonight and it was awesome.

The video is uploading to Youtube.

Hopefully he will like it.

After the show, standing on the sidewalk.

Helicopter overhead. Light shining on the ground just feet away from us.

"The suspect must be close", I say. "We should go inside and get out of the way, we are obviously in the eye of the danger".

Man approaches us walking his bicycle.

Jake gets out his Flip cam and points it into the sky as the helicopter shines right on his face.

Verena says to the man on the bike, "there must be a serial killer on the loose".

From the door jam, I watch as the police pull up surrounding the dumbheads I am with who have not heeded my warning.

Jake thinking they are after him for his Flip photography, lowers his camera as they yell, "put it down!"

They are talking to the man on the bike who is now standing side by side with Jake.

There's a moral.

Sometimes, people should just listen to me.

Have you listened lately?

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