Posted by: King Bee | April 15, 2010

The Virgin Tour 25 Years Later

I spoke too soon with my last post. Now THIS puts 25 years into perspective for me. I can remember so badly wanting only one thing in the world that Easter: tickets to see Madonna at the Paramount theater. I didn’t get them and I can still taste the tears while reading all of the newspaper reviews the next day.

In July of 1987, Madonna returned to Seattle, her now aptly titled “Virgin City” and the “Who’s That Girl World Tour” became my first ever concert. My aunt Cindy took me and we were 22 rows back on the field of the Kingdome. To really add some perspective to everyone reading this- I stood on my white plastic chair the entire show, but because I was so short, I could only see when she performed on the upper platforms of the stage. I still remember that concert like it was yesterday. Of course I can’t remember yesterday, but that’s okay. July 15, 1987 was a far more interesting day in my journey!

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  1. “of course I can’t remember yesterday”

    Ha ha! That is so you.

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