Posted by: King Bee | May 16, 2010

Meeting Mario

There are certain chefs I love that I am just happy to be able to say I have met. There is something about having their signed cookbook in my collection that makes finding a recipe that much more endearing when you are looking for inspiration for your Sunday meal. Today, I got to meet Mario Batalli. It was brief, but just enough as his new cookbook now joins the other recipe compilations I treasure. This leaves me with one chef left on my list that I would truly like to meet… the man who took my love for cooking to a new level, Jamie Oliver. Someday. In the meantime, here is my photo with Mr. Batalli, a fellow Crocs wearer!

Have you listened lately?

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  1. Great photo!

  2. OMG- love Mario. There’s this one guy that rides my TransBay bus from Emeryville into SF in the mornings that looks so much like him- LOL!

  3. Love me some Mario and Baub! Lucky YOU! 🙂

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