Watch out Barbara Walters… here are some of my favorite interviews…

Only in my dreams….Deborah Gibson
The one and only………….Tiffany
Chatting with…………………Erasure
My Go-Go Goddess….Jane Wiedlin
The Always Biting……….Kathy Griffin
From Monster-In-Law….Adam Scott

Love Handles

My bi-weekly column that ran in 2005 on
chronicling my journey from flab to fab


Part Thirteen

Part Two

Part Fourteen

Part Three

Part Fifteen

Part Four

Part Sixteen

Part Five

Part Seventeen

Part Six

Part Eighteen

Part Seven

Part Nineteen

Part Eight

Part Twenty

Part Nine

Part Twenty-One

Part Ten

Part Twenty-Two

Part Eleven

Part Twenty-Three

Part Twelve


Movie Reviews

Someone had to replace Siskel and Ebert…

My Summer of Love- Review

Pretty Persuasion- Review

Ellie Parker- Review

Say Uncle- Review



  1. The three of you look fantastic as the modern day family! I am going to see the B52s for halloween, and those costumes would be perfect for the show. This will be the first year i’ll be a boy. A soccer playing boy. Say hi to Betty!

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