Celebrity: I don’t seek it out, but I also don’t shy away when it finds me.

Rarely, but admittedly sometimes, I do go chasing after it,

especially after I have had a few cocktails and I hear that Star Jones

is across the room and in a bad mood. Thank God for digital cameras…

Below are some of my favorite run-ins and moments

with some of the more famous (and infamous) paths I’ve crossed.


A girl and her gay


A girl and her gay. Shannon Elizabeth.
Mr. & Mrs. Yearwood…
Dream come true


She's in love with the boy

One of my absolute favorites, Trisha Yearwood.1993, 1994, 2007. I think we both got better with age…
I wanted to stick him in my pocket, Nate Berkus
She has come a long way since Jennifer Keaton! Tina Yothers.
There is only one Richard Simmons. This is Amy and me before the greatest workout of our life!
Betty White

Absolute legend, Betty White
two out of the three Chicks, Marty and Emily

Chicks rule.

One of my besties, Lance Bass
The divine Miss M


La-Fawn-Duh! The gorgeous and sweet Shondrella Avery

This is not a barenaked lady, but unfortunately a fully dressed man, Ed Robertson

Bare, but not naked enough
juliebrownEverybody run!

Everybody Run! This is one easy Earth Girl, Julie Brown

keeping me on the D-list, Kathy Griffin
There’s a whole lot of funny in Seth Green
He doesn’t get enough credit for being as smart and talented as he really is, Macaulay Culkin.

There was no judging when it came to our laughter… Amy Brenneman
My childhood crush, Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid


& Spinderella cut it up one time…
This honestly might be one of my all time
favorite photos with Shondrella Avery, Shannon Elizabeth and Macy Gray. The crazier Macy Gray gets, the happier I am!

Shondrella, Shannon & Macy
Sigfreid and Roy
If you have the opportunity to take your photo with Sigfreid and Roy, you are going to take it…
My little Mila, Kunis that is…

king and his princess


The always hilarious Allison Janney
She’s definitely not alone now, Tiffany

Just us

Okay, so one night, I went to a party and drank tee many martoonis and remembered I had camera in my pocket. How else would you explain my reasoning for a pic with Star Jones?
One of my favorite shows on TV, Grey’s
Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo

I should be so lucky to find a Will Truman
The stunning Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union
The dashing Wilmer Valderama
I’ll give him a walk to remember, Shane West


The only star I need to dance with, Stacy Keibler
Seriously, did I mention I was drunk? Omarosa


He’ll always be Sandy Fink to me, Alan Cumming
Janie, Sarah, Michael and Kaysar from Big
Brother 6

Kathy's Christmas

Sharon Osbourne, Alfonso Ribiero, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass and Robin Ribiero… now this would’ve made a good Christmas card!
I was one of the few who had no problems calling Taylor Hicks American Idol, but come to think of it, I don’t know if I ever bought his album. He might belong in a “what ever happened to?” category!

but there’s only one Constantine
They survived the Amazing Race, Rob
and Amber


The legendary Tommy Chong and Emanuelle Chriqui
The queen of fancy, Reba McEntire


And her onscreen daughter, Joanna Garcia
James from Big Brother 6 and All Stars and
Charla from the Amazing Race

Charla and James
Always fun.Tiff & Brady

Saved by the Tiffani and Brady Smith
the smartest, the most beautiful, and boy she makes my head look big, Jodie Foster (the bottom photo is of us at the Shuttle launch)

Jodie Foster


The hilarious Nia Vardalous at Joey’s big fat Italian wedding…
having a good laugh with Jeff Probst…

Lance & Jeff

Kelly Clarkson
Absolute Idol. Kelly Clarkson.
I love the O.C. and Seth Cohen (Adam Brody)

Adam Brody

Benjamin McKenzie
not to be forgotten, Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie)
I love me some Gavin DeGraw…

Gavin Degraw
Adrianne & Kathy
My fair Brady, Adrianne Curry and America’s Next Top Model, Kathy Griffin
I ran into Alyssa Milano at a Halloween party at Skybar. I was dressed as Meatloaf… get it?

one of the original Sweenie Sisters, Nora Dunn
The original Boy From Oz… Hugh Jackman



True Story: He goes by “Meat”. The always full of stories, Meatloaf.

My favorite band of all time is without question The Go-Go’s and I am proud and delighted to call their charming, sweet and talented Jane Wiedlin one of my friends…


Head over heels

Well if you are going to befriend a boy band, shouldn’t it be the best one? *NSYNC.

Dreams come true if you’re a pop culture junkie. Lance Bass, Tiffany and Deborah Gibson.



We were in Toronto and Joey was in this ridiculous wig for a scene in “On The Line”. I can’t explain the other hairdos.

Michelle Pfeiffer has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen.



One of my favorite people to hit the town with, Harrison Ford.

I curled into a ball the night I saw him in the bar. He was in Vancouver shooting the Chris Isaak show of all things. To me, John Corbett will always be Aidan from Sex and the City.


Danny from So You Think You Can Dance

Danny, from Season 3, So You Think You Can Dance.

Idina Menzel and one of Bette Midler’s Staggering Harlettes.

Idina Menzel and a staggering Harlette



Elizabeth Mitchell

For all of the Lost fans still scratching their head about her character on the show, I can officially declare that Elizabeth Mitchell could easily be one of the nicest people on the planet.

The king of practical jokes, George Clooney. Isn’t he so funny the way he got me to grab my crotch while Joe and Waldo just stood there?


Mr & Mrs Denton
Here I am meeting James Denton and his wife. I feel like I am at the receiving line meeting desperate royalty…

My friend Jonathan Bennett (from Mean Girls) and I on a very drunk night in Las Vegas… I’m beginning to think I drink too much.

Jonathan Bennett


Here I was getting very drunk with Dominic Purcell long before his Prison Break fame…

My friend Kate Flannery cracks me up no matter how small her scenes on The Office.

Jennifer Elise Cox

Which one of us is the real Jan Brady? (Jennifer Elise Cox)

The other Jan Brady is easily one of my all time favorite SNL stars, Melanie Hutsell


Mink Stole

The incomparable Mink Stole.

Through the years with my friend and childhood idol, Deborah Gibson…






Electric Youth









  1. So angry is the boy… where are pictures of me on your website? 🙂

    It was great seeing you and your gang, I hope you’re doing well… drop me a line!


    206.913.2651 or 206.227.0375

  2. Oops, didn’t mean to leave a comment, lol… feel free to delete that before I make an ass outta myself yet again.


  3. You’ll have to have a photo made with Me at Slimmons, so you can say you are standing next to SomeBody Who Is Not Famous.
    Hee Hee! 😉 Please, I beg of you, take me with you next time you go to ‘vegas. I am a Vegas Virgin. I am. Really.

  4. Nice pics!

  5. *sigh* I wanna be a starfucker too- you know a couple of my biggest crushes – lucky duck! How do you do it? How DO you do it? LOL!! 😉 xoxo

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